Thursday, January 26, 2012

Forgotten Photos

Hello, everyone :). Today is dreary and rainy and just plain yucky. For something to do, I decided to post some old photos from when we lived in upstate New York. There is some beautiful geography up there, though most days it's either snowing or raining. Here are some of the ones I could find:

Can you believe this is from April 2008?? I'd forgotten how big that snowstorm was. :) Like I always say, you haven't had winter until you've had at least 3 feet of snow. :) Okay, maybe just 2.

This is also from April 2008. I really miss those country sunsets.....

Ha ha, I'd forgotten about that huge Polyphemus moth we found on the front porch :D.

An iris from June 2008.

A beautiful black-eyed susan from 2009. Our field was full of them. :)

One of my favorite photos ever!!!! A poppy (I think) from my wildflower meadow. I sure loved to take flower photos when I was 10. :D

This is one of our turkeys that we used to have. We ate this one for Thanksgiving dinner. He was about 17 pounds. I think we did a pretty good job raising them, if I may say so myself. :)

Ha, ha! It's my dad working on our old chicken coop!! It was really, really red....

And now I've got to go. I guess I've got to eat lunch sometime today. :) Hope you enjoyed the photos!!


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  1. :) Neat photo's Katiedid!!! I LOVE that poppy picture!!!!!! It's great! It's such a soft pink. :)
    Your friend,
    ~Scottish Gal~


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