Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drawing Birds

Lately, I've been trying to work on my drawing skills. I want to start slow, with what I'm comfortable drawing. Birds are often the subject of my drawings, so I decided to start with them. I'm best at drawing from photos or good paintings, like David Sibley's or Roger Tory Peterson's. So I looked through my old copies of magazines like Living Bird, Birds & Blooms and BirdWatching. These magazines are always full of great photography, so I found quite a few models in them. Here are some of my drawings:

 A White-eyed Vireo, based off a photo from Birds & Blooms. 

 A Hooded Warbler, based off a photo from Living Bird.

 A Baltimore Oriole, based off a photo from Birds & Blooms.

 A Great Blue Heron. This was actually an original drawing, but was inspired by the nest cams from the Cornell Lab.

A Least Tern, based off a photo from a book called A Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America. (A great book, by the way.)

Another original drawing, this one of a Pine Siskin with a written description of the bird.

This one is the last one for right now. It's some sketches of different bird groups. If you look near the upper left corner, you'll notice gulls are not my specialty. Neither is identifying them. :)

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