Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Changes

 It was officially fall weeks ago, but I've only just started to believe it. Today the high temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. That's pretty cool for October in the South.
The trees have just started changing colors; their leaves portraying just a hint of yellow, orange, or red. It's actually quite pretty. I went with my youth group to Natchez Trace State Park near Jackson, Tennessee last Saturday, and the trees were especially noticeable. I was going to bring my camera, but unfortunately the memory card is used up and I have to wait a while for the new one. But before the memory card complained that it was full to bursting, I was able to take a few photos of some fall changes in our yard:

The leaves are turning (finally)

The persimmons are ripe!

The grass is going to seed...

And finally, I can wear jeans without melting! :D

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