Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Backyard Bird Count Day 3

Okay, I've got to go fast. Today it rained in the morning, so I didn't really get much of an early start. I did, however, get a lifer today. A handsome male Pine Warbler, which I am SO glad I got. It was kind of embarrassing sometimes to say I didn't have it yet. I only got about 15 species today. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow. (The last day of the GBBC!) AND (I'm not done yet:) I decided today that I am going to make a new page on my blog for bird jokes. That's right, bird jokes. I found some really good ones today. Be looking out for it! Oh, yeah, I took some photos:

 A nice male robin. He looked almost like he was posing for me. He kept lifting his head like in this photo.

And the robin wasn't the only thrush around. This male E. Bluebird sat around for me to photograph. He actually stuck around for quite a while.

Until he noticed something. And I noticed it too. It wasn't a bug. It was....

A Pine Warbler!! (I know, kind of a lot of drama for one little bird. But I'm a birder. What did you expect?) He didn't let me get too close. He was hanging around with 2 or 3 Yellow-rumped Warblers. Here's a photo of one of them:

I think he's a male. (You can see why some people call them "Butterbutts":) But then I noticed.....

Some grass. :) But I thought the backlighting was pretty. It made it look so green and lush.

On that note, I conclude my post. Oh, yeah, one more thing. I want to work on my portriat photography. Anybody have any tips?

Thanks for reading! How goes the bird counting?



  1. What camera do you use for your work? Just wondering... :)
    Portraits can be fun..... and challenging!!! Little brother's are often are willing to work with you if you pay them in cookies. :D
    By the way.... Awesome photo of the grass!!! It's really pretty! :)

  2. Hi Scottish Gal!

    I use a Sony CyberShot DSC-HX1. And you're right! Paying little brothers in cookies does work for portriats!

    1. *whistle* I might have to be jealous.... :D


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