Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Backyard Bird Count Day 2

So, today started out cloudy and cold. (40 degrees. Scoff away, Northerners :) I went out in the yard at about 7 AM, and spotted 21 species, starting with about 400 grackles and other assorted blackbirds. Then I noticed mallards on the neighbors' pond, a cardinal on the feeder, etc. It was pretty much the norm; a chickadee here, a bluebird there. The only kind of unusual species by our yard's standards was 25 Cedar Waxwings. But it was spoiled a little bit by the fact that I saw some yesterday. :) oh well. It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, (maybe even snow!) so I probably won't be seeing much. But you never know what you'll see in just a backyard, right? So I'll do my best and maybe I'll see a little more than chickadees and titmice. And the GBBC itself seems to be doing just fine, according to the map on the website. Warmer temperatures and a lack of snow seem to be making an effect across the country. How's your GBBC going?

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