Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Challenge Day 7 Surprise!

I am so so so sorry I forgot to post the surprise I had for Saturday!! Instead I guess I'll do it today. We are at our grandparents' house right now and we just arrived this afternoon. Their house is in middle Tennessee. Now for my surprise! *DRUM ROLL* It's a poem that I wrote!!


The leaves are turning,
The frost is coming,
The time for cold weather is here.
The woods are full of the squirrels storing nuts,
And the birds and mice and deer.
The rolling hills are turning gold,
The year is growing old.
You hear a honking
And see geese sailing high
In the blue and never ending sky.
This is the time when Earth recovers.
It's nice and beautiful for us all.
This is Fall.

I hope you liked it!! I got the idea in the shower. I seem to get some pretty good ideas in the shower. I wonder why that is....

This is our barn, by the way. :)

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