Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I'm Doing This Fall

Hi, guys! I thought I'd give everyone a heads up, because starting tomorrow, I am doing a photography challenge I found on my friend's blog. It's a fall challenge where you have to take a picture every day that is about fall and post it on your blog. They can be from this year only. It's going to be really fun! Where I used to live in New York, near Albany, the fall colors were beautiful. The pictures I took then would be great for the challenge, except they're not from this year. But here in Mississippi fall has such nice weather. I love the South! But I will be looking forward to spring! I can't wait to start taking photos! :D

Happy Trails, everybody!

Katydids and Bluebirds

Oh! I almost forgot! Today is when Project FeederWatch starts. It's from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. What you do is you sign up at Project Feederwatch Then you pick two days a week to watch the birds at your feeders. Then, you go to the website I mentioned and you submit your list of bird species. You try to do it until April 6th!

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