Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Challenge: Photos 1 and 2

Hi! The fall challenge I'm doing started yesterday, but I forgot to post. So today, I'll just post two photos. Here they are:
                                                         Photo #1:

This one is of Sweet Gum leaves in the corner of our yard. Not as pretty as maples, but still nice!

Photo #2:

This is a photo of a really pretty tree in our yard. I wish I knew what it was.....
And that's all for today! I hope I remember to post tomorrow.

Katydids and Bluebirds

P.S: Thanks, friend, for making this challenge up!

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  1. :0 I LOVE your first one!!!!!!!!! That's really good!!!!

    :) Your welcome.

    ~Scottish Gal~


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