Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Challenge Day 2

It's Monday and it's beautiful outside! We went to see some Indian mounds built by a Mississipian Tribe down by Tupelo, MS today. And we're going to my brother's baseball practice tonight. But in between, I thought I'd post some more photos:

A dogwood bud at sunrise.

One of my dad's cherry trees at a cool angle.

A junco in an unknown kind of bush. Anyone know what kind of bush it is??

Thanks for checking this out!

Happy Trails!


  1. They are either called "lorabellum" or "lorapetulum".......Two different names for basically the same bush. We have some of them in our front gardens.
    I love that first picture!! But then, I'm a sucker for sunrise views!!! :D


    1. Thanks, Scottish Gal! I really wanted to know what those were. I'll have to tell my mom. Thanks again!



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